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Business and Corporate Planning

Many factors enter into structuring a business. Selecting and maintaining the proper entity structure for your business is essential for tax and asset protection purposes. Once established, your business must remain in compliance with complex laws governing annual filings, internal documentation of annual meetings and special transactions, and tax filings. Business continuity protection, the potential of disability or death of the owners and the estate planning needs of the owners must also be considered.

At Estate Preservation Law Offices, we understand these challenges. We know that our clients' success is directly related to their ability to focus on and mange their businesses without having to take on these legal issues. That's why we work closely with our business clients to streamline business formation and legal maintenance so that it is manageable, efficient and comprehensive. We monitor time lines to ensure that required annual legal maintenance is accomplished. We advise clients on related tax implications and filings, and we coordinate with their accountants.

We understand that our clients' businesses are one of their most important assets and investments, and the key to their families' economic security. As such, we emphasize the importance of business succession planning that addresses each client's business and familial circumstances. We also ensure that owners' estate plans deal appropriately with their business interests through provisions for beneficiaries, appropriate ownership/titling of owners' business shares and estate liquidity for taxes and other expenses attributable to the business upon death.

Our business and corporate planning services include:

  • Selection of business entity and entity formation
  • Annual maintenance including preparation and filing of annual reports, preparation of annual meeting minutes and special meeting minutes, and documentation of other important business events
  • Split dollar agreements
  • Business succession planning, including buy-sell agreements, life insurance and disability planning, and coordination with financial and insurance professionals
  • Split dollar life insurance agreements