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Asset Protection Planning

Estate Preservation Law Offices specializes in integrating traditional estate planning with cutting-edge asset protection planning solutions that focus on preserving your wealth and prosperity.

Asset Protection Planning: Strategic and Multi-leveled

Asset protection is no longer a luxury; it's a must. Lawsuits are filed today in unprecedented numbers against individuals, businesses and professional practices. In fact, the average professional is likely to be sued at least once in his or her career. Simply put, you do not need to be rich to be sued, especially if you are in a high-risk situation or business. You also do not need to be sued to lose your assets - divorce, failed business ventures, economic instability, and personal and business bankruptcy all pose a threat to asset security.

Asset preservation is strategic process involving multi-level planning. The importance of integrating asset protection and estate planning to fully protect and preserve your assets cannot be overstated. By itself, even the most sophisticated estate plan may not protect your wealth against the many unforeseen events and economic threats that exist today.

Our approach of integrating estate plans with asset protection strategies helps our clients recognize the potential exposures that they and their beneficiaries may have and the role that effective advance planning plays in reducing or even eliminating such threats. We consider the implications of asset exposure to general creditors as well as in bankruptcy. In working with you, it is essential that we understand your unique life circumstances, your business and personal goals, and the risks that could impact your financial well-being. We ask, we listen, and we deliver solutions that ensure that your financial goals are realized and that your assets are protected.

Our multi-faceted asset protection planning services include:

  • Customized asset protection plans consisting of an in-depth analysis of the client's assets to identify exposures and protected status with specific recommendations for techniques that the client may wish to use to increase the protection of the assets
  • Re-titling of assets to utilize protected forms of ownerships
  • Entity planning and formation (corporations, partnerships, LLCs, series LLCs)
  • Domestic asset protection trusts
  • Foreign asset protection trusts
  • Prenuptial and antenuptial agreements
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Estate Planning

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