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Estate and Trust Administration

Estate Preservation Law Offices serves as legal counsel to executors, administrators and trustees, counseling them in the intricacies and complexities of estate and trust administration. In addition to the complicated legal responsibilities of fiduciaries, we are sensitive to the dynamics of families and beneficiaries that often play a significant factor in estate and trust administration.

We handle estates of all sizes, recognizing that every estate requires diligent and thorough attention, no matter its value or level of complexity. Our professionals work closely with executors and administrators through the entire probate and estate settlement process. From the initial assessment to the final beneficial distributions, we strive to be accessible and accommodating.

On the trust side, we offer professional trust administration services for all types of trusts. In representing a trustee, we develop streamlined and economically efficient systems that are tailored to the specific provisions and requirements of the trust.

We also serve as executor and trustee for those clients who desire direct professional involvement in the administration process of their estate plans.

Our estate and trust administration services include:

  • Probate of the will/appointment of the executor or administrator
  • Preparation of inventory and fiduciary accounts
  • Identification of estate/trust assets and liabilities
  • Coordination of asset appraisals
  • Supervision of estate/trust receipts and distributions, including the sale/liquidation of assets, payment of debts, expenses and fees, and beneficial distributions
  • Postmortem tax planning including disclaimers
  • Preparation and filing of state and federal estate tax returns
  • Preparation and filing of federal gift tax returns
  • Coordination and review of state and federal fiduciary income tax returns
  • Trust funding and termination
  • Representation of estate and trust beneficiaries